Meet your guide!


Hello... my name is Denny Clapper, owner and operator of Clappers Guide Service.


I am a native of  Raystown Lake and once lived where Shy Beaver boat launch exists. I still reside near Shy Beaver. I have been an avid Striper and Bass tournament competitor, fishing lakes on the east coast. I have more 1st place Striper tournament wins than anyone who has ever competed on Raystown Lake. I have also been a fishing guide on the Lake for the past 20 years. I know the lake not only above water but below as well from hunting and fishing the river before its impoundment. If  I cannot accommodate you due to my schedule, please ask for a recommendation. 

Striper Fishing
Striped Bass Info and Tips. 

The striped bass is also known by many other names. It is called striper, rockhead, striped sea bass and several other locally known names. Striped bass are light green or brown and have stripes that run along their sides. Striped bass are often fished for in the Atlantic and surrounding coastal areas.

Key to finding Stripers
A key to success is remembering that stripers are not always in the same place. They follow the shad, and the shad move around. Find the shad and you find the stripers.

Striper fishing tips
When fishing on a lake, look for key structures, such as inlets that designate a river, concrete power islands, and along bluff banks. Look for bays and estuaries as places that striped bass might be feeding.

Striped bass does not like muddy water, so concentrate on clear water and remember to have a good, strong line to catch that big striper.